A downloadable moongame (gameInAlien) for Windows

Umpe (who is an alien) is sick and tired of those dang humans who keep saying that him and his friends (who are aliens) aren't real!

His friends (the aliens) tell him that he shouldn't worry about it but he just cant stop! He's decided to take matters into his own saucer hands! (hands in alien) 

Follow Umpe as he uses the revolutionary advancement in technology known as PAPER, to finally show the world the truth!<-(Aliens are real) For A WHOLE MINUTE before going back to Mars to get more paper! (I checked)

Arrow keys to move.

X or space to forward dialogue.

Z to formally explain the situation.

Yay! Finally got around to releasing a post-jam version! Performance SHOULD be greatly improved! (Hopefully). 

Here's the jam version if you want to play it (for whatever reason)! https://ferhanzo.itch.io/umpe-unidentified-myth-prover-jam-version

Install instructions

When downloaded double-click the .exe file to play! 

Also, when you try to run it, it might say that Windows is trying to protect your PC because it doesn't know who the person who made the files is and says it could be dangerous. Just press 'more info' and then there will be a 'run' button.


U.M.Be_PostJam.zip 26 MB

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