Quick Disclaimer: For some reason a few of the abilities stop working when you try to replay the game by pressing the start button after dying. You can avoid this issue by reloading the game's page when you want to try again.

made in 50 hours for the gmtk jam 2022

OH NO! A bunch of skullbats are attacking your house!

This is a shoot 'em up where you play as a dice that can roll himself against walls to roll for random abilities.

TIP: When you roll yourself against a wall and fly into the air, enemies cannot hit you.

Here's a post-jam version, where I fixed the retrying glitch and got it working properly on mobile: https://ferhanzo.itch.io/shaky-shaky-dice-house-post-jam

Some things to clarify for controller and mobile support:

I set up the game so controllers would work but haven't tested it myself.

The game technically also works on mobile but is cropped weirdly making it so that a good chunk of the screen can't be seen.

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